British Stone Paving


Reclaimed Welsh Pennant

Used commonly throughout history especially in the South West, Welsh Blue Pennant is now becoming more difficult to source. We are happy to now have a good regular supply of this stone. We have taken time to source the best quality in both colour, cut, thickness & condition.

It can be difficult to relay these reclaimed stones if the quality is not constant, huge thickness variations, incompatible sizes etc. can all add up to a lot of wastage & a not very pleasing end result. We are known by our Stone suppliers to be rather ‘fussy’, but would much rather be seen upon this way & to offer a higher quality of goods.


Reclaimed York Stone

Renowned for its hard wearing & durable qualities, Yorkstone has been quarried & used as paving since medieval times. As with Welsh Pennant, its difficult at times to secure a regular source of high quality reclaimed stone. Again, incompatible sizes & wastage are a big issue to the laying & finished look of the project. We have sourced Yorkstone for the finest local listed historic properties, where quality & appearance are of epic importance. We only deal in the best that is available & have a 100% customer satisfaction record to upkeep.


New Yorkstone

Available in Random, Coursed or Bespoke.
Sawn or Fettled Edges.
Riven or Sawn Face.


Purbeck Walling

Quarried in Dorset, Purbeck limestone is a beautiful, hard wearing and durable stone. Its appearance has a desirable reputation as it improves with age. This quality makes it suitable for an extensive variety of internal and external uses.

From Cathedrals to fireplaces and house building to rockeries, Natural Purbeck Stone will provide the perfect appearance.

Available in Guillotined or Random split.

Paving is also available in 3 finishes, Natural, Honed or Bush hammered.